Maintenance Program

Having a maintenance program for your HVAC unit is important for several reasons.

  1. It helps ensure your unit runs at peak efficiency for energy savings
  2. Helps extend the overall life of the unit
  3. Makes sure your unit does not fail when you need it (i.e. in the middle of winter!)
  4. Ensures system safety (i.e. gas furnaces and carbon monoxide)

Most homeowners are accustomed to thinking of maintenance plans as simply cleaning the HVAC equipment on an annual basis. Cleaning is very important of course but our technicians are trained to thoroughly examine the entire system and identify ant potential issues that left untreated may result in future costly repair bills or system failures.

Cooling Service

  1. Clean condenser coils
  2. Tighten electrical connections
  3. Lubricate fan motors
  4. Record Freon operating pressures
  5. Record supply and return air temperatures
  6. Record amp draw on compressors
  7. Clean condensate drain
  8. Inspect evaporator coils and blowers
  9. Advise homeowner on system performance

Heating Service

  1. Confirm Freon charge in heating mode
  2. Confirm thermostat operation and programs
  3. Record amp draw on auxiliary heaters
  4. Test heat pump defrost controls
  5. Confirm temperature rise in heating mode
  6. Advise homeowner on system performance

Additional Features

  1. Coil cleaner is included
  2. Priority response during peak seasons
  3. 15% discount on flat rate repairs and parts
  4. Repairs/parts will be quoted by the written proposal
  5. The agreement covers one system

Need to schedule an appointment to repair your heating or cooling system?

Join our maintenance program to keep your heating and cooling system in top shape.