Why a $39 cooling service is NOT a good deal

The cooling season approaches and the ads and offers of cooling “inspections” and pms come quick and cheap. At first glance it would seem to make sense to go with the low ball offers since often they contain long lists of items they will check, and are coming from reputable companies.

The reality is an HVAC service company cannot do an adequate cooling service for $39, it’s a bad deal for them and the customer. So why do so many companies offer it? The strategy is to upsell you with accessories, maybe condemn your system, or replace parts that are currently functioning. The result is often they leave with $350 (or more) of your hard earned dollars.

We have gained many customers who tell us that every year their discounted cooling pm was augmented by an expensive capacitor, or contactor, or other item that had not yet failed, but they felt pressured into replacing by the service tech who was really more of a marketing tech.

Our own approach is to offer legitimate cooling and heating pms, priced reasonably, but that allow enough time for our service techs to actually test your system, clean your outdoor coil, and take accurate pressure and temperature readings that let us both now how the system is operating.

We also do not collect an annual fee upfront for both seasonal visits to consider you a “preferred” customer. You pay us at the time of service, and only for the work done at that visit. We do offer a parts and repair discount to repeat customers, but we understand that weather and schedules may not always allow for you to complete both pms every year.

This honest approach has yielded us many loyal customers that we retain year after year and who, when the time comes to replace parts or systems, trust our judgment because they know we are truly looking out for their interests.